Ateneo junior summer seminar essay

With that I leave you to enjoy reading my melodrama of an essay. They never had to force anything upon me; it seemed only natural that I was to be led by them and all things were in place. We were all going our own way but were serendipitously drawn together by fate, quantum mechanics and a high-enough score on the Acet half a year ago.

Throughout his junior year in high school, he had been looking forward to attending the International Math Olympiad IMO.

Compose your first paragraph, working on it just as long and hard as you would do on term papers.

My best summer ever

However, all that changed when I attended a leadership training seminar. But a little flicker of hope lingered within me. I always thought that people saw me as the quiet, smart girl.

And that is why I want to be a writer and a journalist someday, to exploit the power of words. The teaching courses offer ways of transmuting skills in reading, interpreting, and analyzing literature into teaching modules for the secondary and tertiary levels.

We leaned and cried on each other as long-repressed longings surfaced at last. Master of Arts in Literature Filipinomajor in Teaching Literature This program offers a specialization through a redirection of literary and cultural studies to the teaching of Filipino and other Philippine literatures.

I found out that it can change lives for surely it has changed mine. Admissions decisions come out in late February. I guess it is true that the biggest opponent you will ever face is yourself.

Consequently, AJSS ends up being relatively obscure in the Loyola Schools, to the extent that it is known only by its invitees and their peers. Backed by a number of reading courses and courses on literary theory, this program is designed for students seeking a career in literary and cultural research, professional communication, and education.

Somewhere in Princeton, there is a student who is glad he spent his summer in the Ateneo. Rather than concentrating on a sharply and narrowly focused degree, this offers a variety of courses, electives and practicum-seminars that directly touch the work of pastoral workers and educators.

And a few minutes later I found myself…. The fact that AJSS regularly turns down future valedictorians and salutatorians—applicants who would almost certainly get accepted into the Ateneo during the regular admissions process—is a testament to how selective this program is.

Elections came and went and I watched as familiar faces were acknowledged as the newly elected leaders. As a result, these students get to take the same classes twice, giving them an advantage over most freshmen, who will only be taking these classes for the first time.

My Best Summer Ever

It must be stressed that academic performance is not the sole criterion for gaining admission. I had some competition though. Was I capable of leading people. It was with a heavy heart, then, that he took the news that he had failed to qualify for the PMO nationals.

In teaching and language practices, the emphasis is on critical literacy and citizenship; and in scholarship, the emphasis is on interpretative approaches. The application process for AJSS is similar to the one most undergraduates are familiar with.

Ateneo Junior Summer Seminar Results

Like other graduates of other files of concentration in the MA major in Pastoral Ministry programs, our CEFAM pastoral counselors have gained wide respect for their professional competence and spiritual motivation. In the tests I took in school, I would always say that the essay was the easiest part.

I remained to be one of those minor officers who kept a low profile. I believe that whatever I have been through in the past, how insignificant it might seem then, is essential to who I am now. To finish the course work, students have to take 12 units of required courses and 18 units of courses in the field of concentration.

So I published my first blog post. I look at my watch and realize how much time has elapsed and break into a run. The leaders lead the way while I, being the good student that I was just followed.

It focuses on the unique values and skills exercised in modest research and composition of a well-ordered thesis in religious education. After morning classes were over, Friday afternoons were dedicated solely to sports.

College varsity players coached us in volleyball, futsal, basketball, even cheering. There are times when everything just seems to be too much for me already yet what is important is that I know that there is a God who is all too willing to carry my burdens.

It is aimed at applicants with a good A.

Writing an Impressive College Application Essay

Top-tier. by However, he also had a backup plan in case that didn’t pan out—to attend the Ateneo Junior Summer Seminar (AJSS). These elite students then write an essay and take the Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) as incoming high school seniors some time in January, along with the transferees, student-athletes and other.

51ST ATENEO JUNIOR SUMMER SEMINAR (AJSS) List of Accepted 51st Ateneo Junior Summer Seminar (AJSS) Participants ATENEO COLLEGE ENTRANCE TEST.

Writing an Impressive Ateneo College Application Essay

For all the resources the school expends to give 70 or so incoming high school seniors free classes in the Ateneo (complete with dorms for students from the provinces)—in addition to funding a number of extravagant events—it is worth wondering why the college hosts this costly summer seminar in.

Now on its 48th year under the Ateneo de Manila University’s Office of Admission and Aid, the AJSS is an extremely challenging one-semester summer program for incoming high school seniors.

Not an ordinary question—but then again, the Ateneo Junior Summer Seminar (AJSS) is no ordinary summer, either. Now on its 48th year under the Ateneo de Manila University’s Office of Admission and Aid, the AJSS is an extremely challenging one-semester summer.

The exact same thing I wrote about in my Ateneo Essay. I thought I left the post-ACET (Ateneo College Entrance Test) depression behind when I ate Zarks after taking it but here it is haunting me!

I remembered how poorly I did in the WHOLE test. (Ateneo Junior Summer Seminar). I could still recall my 3rd year self cursing the test items. Of.

My best summer ever Ateneo junior summer seminar essay
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